Did you know that if you are a homeowner who is delinquent on your mortgage, you have the option to avoid losing your home? You can avoid losing your home to foreclosure through a short sale.

If you've been served with paperwork from the foreclosure attorney and/or you are aware that there is a scheduled foreclosure sale date, please feel free to contact our office.  One of our specialties is to help you at this critical time to avoid foreclosure and guide you through the process.

What is a “short sale”?
A short sale is the sale of a home for less than the homeowner owes on the mortgage. A homeowner who is unable to keep up with the mortgage payments may try to sell a home in a short sale to avoid going into foreclosure.


The owner’s benefits are more than monetary. They no longer face a foreclosure, their credit is not further damaged by the foreclosure action and they don't run the risk of having the bank bring an action for a deficiency judgment.  Eventually, the owner may even repair his credit enough to be able to purchase another house.


Sellers in such a predicament, need an experienced, aggressive law firm that knows how to handle the short sale process and work through painstaking negotiations with mortgage lenders.  Boldi Law Group specializes in the negotiation of short sale transactions. Contact us.  We’re ready to help.

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